Japanese Rice Bowls At One, Two, Three Sushi: The Best New Skyway Lunch


You already knew that One, Two, Three Sushi was sort of the Chipotle of sushi -- choose your rice, choose your protein, choose your veg, and they roll it up right in front of you, just like, you know 1, 2, 3. But now they've got a new location and a new item, and it's better than their sushi, which sometimes didn't stand up to all the other good skyway sushi places already doing great work. But now they've got something much, much better, and wait for it.... It might just be better than a Chipotle burrito bowl.

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Just like that other place, you get a choice of white or brown rice, protein (choose from chicken-katsu, chicken teriyaki, pork-katsu, pork shoulder, shrimp tempura, or tofu), veg, and sauce. The pork belly with pork shoulder bowl was truly delectable, easily as good as anything available at a fancy sit-down bistro but at $7.99 half the cost. Cucumbers and carrots were beautifully julienned into precise bristles, edamame popped green and fresh as spring, shiitake mushrooms provided umami and depth, you can even get a poached egg on top!

Spicy gochujang sauce was pleasantly nuanced with a little sweet, a little tang, a little sticky, and the rice was cooked and seasoned beautifully. Put this in an earthenware bowl and one of those fancy spoons with the oriental designs, and call us dining at Masu.

And there's good reason for that, because Will Selin, the executive chef of One Two Three, is the same exec of Masu. So there you have it. Masu food at Chipotle prices, all within minutes and easily fitting into an on-the-fly 30-minute lunch break.

The customizable bowls are currently only available at the new location in the US Bank building.

One Two Three Sushi executive chef Will Selin

One Two Three Sushi executive chef Will Selin

One, Two, Three Sushi also serves five varieties of steamed buns, four styles of ramen, miso soup, seaweed salad, and squid.

200 S. Sixth St., Minneapolis 612-295-7832 Skyway level

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