Japan applauds arrival of Angry Whopper

"I need to get a girlfriend," a man yelled at the top of his lungs in an effort to win the prize, a year's worth of Whoppers.

"Professor, give me my credits," exclaimed another.

In an effort to market the arrival of its new Angry Whopper in Japan, Burger King this week hosted an "angry shouting challenge," the AP reports. Don't you kind of wish you were there?

The Angry Whopper, which launched late last year in the U.S. and features jalapenos and hot sauce on, basically, a bacon cheeseburger, was introduced to Japan this week, with a sauce "slightly adapted to Japanese tastes" (lemme guess: soy sauce?).

Burgers are, apparently, back in Japan. After a five-plus year hiatus, the AP says, Burger King returned to Japan in 2007 and isn't looking back. The younger set who've grew up on McDonalds are eager to try new, more gourmet options, which somehow, sort of includes BK the article says.