Jane & Michael Stern give Hell's Kitchen serious love


Either Mitch Omer has the only existing copy of "Jane and Michael Make a Porno," or he actually is a damned fine cook. The Sterns, who author the Roadfood column for Gourmet, have previously given Omer's Hell's Kitchen high praise. But their latest nod, in a Wall Street Journal article about their new book, "500 Things to Eat Before It's Too Late," implies that Hell's is the restaurant in which Michael Stern would spend his last dime.:

WSJ: If you had only $20 in your wallet, and you were absolutely starved, where would you go and why?

Mr. Stern: I'd go to Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis. They serve three meals a day, and they are all spectacular.

Though Mr. Stern's explanation of why he chose Hell's might possibly be the only quote more boring than those sourced in post-game locker rooms, it's impressive that he'd name Hell's out of the other 499 spots recommended in the book.

Kudo's for Hell's and all, but the WSJ interview got me wondering if the Sterns' influence is waning these days, as implied by the new book's title (btw, the Sterns divorced in 2008, but remain on amicable terms). Are road trips on the way out, and along with them massive-portions of so-called "nutritionally incorrect" food? Or will this nostalgic bit of Americana be with us for the long haul?