J. Selby's will hit the road in a new food truck: 'The J. Mobile'

Another chance to give eating animals a... brake.

Another chance to give eating animals a... brake. J. Selby's

...Sick of hearing about plant-based food yet?

On Monday, we had the scoop on Eureka Compass Vegan Food's plans for eventual world domination, plus a story about a local mom making vegan/gluten-free/organic bottled soups. Tuesday was for the success of youth-run veggie dessert biz Green Garden Bakery; Wednesday, the Falcon Heights nonprofit fixing our food system through farming.

Just this morning, we told ya the vegan fast-food restaurant Earth Burger is ready to open at the MOA.

So forgive us while we add another veg-friendly piece to the pile: According to a Wednesday afternoon release, J. Selby's, the popular vegan eatery in St. Paul, will hit the streets in a food truck later this month.

They're calling it "the J. Mobile," and you'll find vegan gyros, Kahlua jackfruit with spicy slaw, plus classic burgers and dogs and Beyond Brats on the menu. There's also a portabella burger with Swiss and a Hawaiian pasta salad.

The first "big" scheduled event for the J. Mobile will be Twin Cities Veg Fest on September 16, according to the release; after that, they'll focus on St. Paul and the east metro. (The Herbivorous Butcher and Reverie—both of which launched meatless, egg-less, dairy-less food trucks this summer—tend to stick to Minneapolis and the west metro.)

Gyros, slaws, burgers, dogs, and more are on the menu.

Gyros, slaws, burgers, dogs, and more are on the menu. J. Selby's

“I’m thrilled at how the truck has turned out,” says J. Selby's founder and owner Matt Clayton. “It’s a big step in bringing plant-based foods to people who might not want to travel into St. Paul.”

Looking for the truck? Head to the J. Mobile's website.

And in the meantime, sorry meat lovers. I'm sure we'll have some burger and steak takes for you in the near future.