Izzy's, Meritage, and Liberty Custard get salty--with ice cream

Happy National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day! That's right--it sure is. We were skeptical that of all the ice cream flavors Rocky Road got its own day, but its history certainly warrants a nod--especially in these economic times. Apparently Dreyer Ice Cream founder William Dreyer created the famous mixture of almonds, mini marshmallows, and milk chocolate ice cream after the 1929 stock market crash to lift Americans' spirits during the Great Depression.

It's funny how simple things like ice cream can really make a difference when the chips are down. These days we're easing our recession blues with a rising flavor called salted caramel. It's amazing. The perfect blend of salty-sweet, it's more sophisticated than your average chocolate or vanilla bean, yet not so new-age as avocado or peppercorn.

We first came across salted caramel at Izzy's, known for its urbane take on ice cream, including soy-based flavors for vegans and the lactose intolerant. We were delighted to see it again on a recent champagne and dessert run to St. Paul's Meritage (incidentally, a fun, recession-style treat with affordable champagne splits and $3 desserts). The favored French restaurant dresses up Izzy's salted caramel with its salted ice cream pops--a dollop of our favorite flavor, covered in a dark chocolate shell, then rolled in coarse sea salt. Across the river, Liberty Frozen Custard also added salted caramel to the menu. For less than $4 you can get a Liberty salted caramel shake to enjoy while ogling firefighters at the local fire station across the street. Now that's what we call recession-friendly.

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Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe

2034 Marshall Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104



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