It's Minnesota maple syrup season

Time to dust off your tapping spouts, Minnesotans. It's maple syrup season! passes along some useful information on upcoming programs to teach Minnesotans how to harness sap from their own backyards. All it takes is a drill, hammer, tapping spout and a bucket to collect the sticky stuff.

Be forewarned though: The process is fairly labor intensive. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 40 gallons of sugar maple sap will make just one gallon of syrup. Other trees require even more.

What, no crazy Puritan work ethic in you? Don't fret. There's also a number of local farms that do the work for you.

While the Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association (something for everyone, right?) says not March but April has been officially designated "Maple Syrup Month" in Minnesota, the DNR says March is really your best bet.