It's almost time to eat bowls full of Twinkies



The Twinkie is a deathless marvel of food science, perhaps the truest signifier of junk food to ever infiltrate the American pantry. In 2012, when production of the spongy cream-filled cakes briefly ceased, national outrage ensued, more or less proving Twinkies are the modern culture heritage. 

And soon, the 89-year-old treat will be breakfast.

In conjunction with Hostess, Lakeville-based Post just announced Twinkies Cereal, which will hit grocery stores late next month. The product "replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-colored snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite," according to Wednesday's press release.

Plus, it's just a whole lotta fun to spoon mounds of mini desserts into your maw. That's why Chip the Wolf, the howling Cookie Crisp mascot, seems so happy and well-adjusted

Wanna hear from Josh Jans, Post's brand manager of cereal partnerships? Why the hell not! 

“In developing a cereal version of the iconic Twinkies, our top priority was focused on delivering the great Twinkies flavor in each bite,” Jans says via the press release. “Knowing that taste remains the No. 1 purchase driver of cereal, we conducted multiple consumer tests, and the new Twinkies Cereal delivered.”

Post and Hostess are clearly banking on indulgently nostalgic tastes, since consumer concerns over the healthiness of cold cereal have contributed to tanking sales over the past decade. As we wait for Twinkies Cereal to hit shelves and possibly save the product sector, let's watch the Twinkies scene from Ghostbusters on a loop: