It's afternoon tea time--pinkies up!

A reader writes: "Is there someplace in Minneapolis that serves high tea?"

Starting today, the answer is yes: The Hotel Ivy begins hosting daily afternoon tea service from 3 - 5 p.m. in its chic lobby.

The hotel already offers a nice selection of Harney & Sons loose leaf teas, and for an extra $7 (the tea's base price is $15), they'll throw in a choice of Silver Cap Brut Rose or Coppola "Sofia" Blanc de Blanc champagnes or Lustav East India Solera Sherry if it's that kind of afternoon.

Chef Joan Ida is now in the Porter & Frye kitchen, so the new high teas are an easy way to sample her work. Here's a sampling of the sorts of savories and sweets you might see on the menu...

Savory Coronets & Sandwiches Red beet, whitefish, dill and horseradish Butter, crème fraiche, cucumber, salmon roe and radish Waffle, smoked chicken, pecans, maple syrup Sweet potato, ham salad, celery, chives and toasted marshmallow Rye, corned beef and Russian mousse

Sweet Cakes and Petit Fours Citrus Brown Butter Tea Cake Mini-scones (chocolate pecan or orange currant) White Chocolate Cranberry Petit Four Quince Newton Milk Chocolate Bavarois

Just keep those pinkies up!