It’s about to be cold again and you need a farm-to-table dinner on a flower farm

Have dinner on a farm. A flower farm.

Have dinner on a farm. A flower farm. Photo courtesy of Field to Vase Facebook Page

We hear an awful lot about farm-to-table dining, but guess what? Flowers are grown on farms, too.

And since it’s February, and you may have forgotten exactly what flowers and vegetables look like, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of the following: 

The “Field to Vase Dinner Tour” is a cross-country series of pop-up gatherings, located on seven flower and foliage farms around the country. Seasonal, local, and sustainable blooming flowers are dressed by top floral designers on white linen tables. Meals are prepared by “farm-to-table chefs," though we did not receive word on which chefs are involved with the dinner. (Just take time to smell the roses, why don't you?) 

The first of seven dinners will be on Saturday, March 11 at Len Busch Roses, a 200-year-old family flower farm located in Plymouth.  

March 11, 5 p.m.
4045 County Rd., 101 N., Plymouth
For more information, the full list of dinners, or to purchase tickets, click here.