It's 30 and snowing: Celebrate spring with a free DQ cone!

Happy Free Cone Day; I'm freezing

Happy Free Cone Day; I'm freezing Facebook: Dairy Queen

Ice cream: It's something for which we all scream. The arrival of spring: It's nearly as scream-worthy, in terms of excitement. 

Both forces meet today -- Tuesday, March 20 -- as the March equinox brings springtime, an event the marketing execs at Dairy Queen are commemorating with Free Cone Day. 

Is the forth-annual event a sweet deal? Absolutely. Is it made any less sweet by the fact it's currently 30 degrees and snowing in the Twin Cities? Impossible to say. 

This much we know: Head to any participating Dairy Queen location to claim your free small vanilla ice cream cone. Free Cone Day is about free cones, sure, but it's also about the kids. That's why you'll be asked to donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Last year, DQ raised almost $300,000 for CMNH on Free Cone Day. 

Click here to see a map of DQs in the Twin Cities; click here to see our recent roundup of new local ice cream shops.

Now enjoy this Dairy Queen ad from the year I was born: