It appears Uptown Pizza has closed

Jay Boller

Jay Boller

"No more garlic knots?!" 

So gasped one City Pages staffer as rumors flew this week about Uptown Pizza's demise.

We can now confirm the fate of those garlic knots appears grim.

A recent visit during regular business hours revealed a dark and lifeless Minneapolis 'za shop, "CLOSED" signs affixed to its windows; Google and Facebook have both labeled the place "PERMANENTLY CLOSED." Phone calls and Facebook messages to Uptown Pizza on Monday and Tuesday went unreturned.  

Opened in 1980, Uptown Pizza catered to the grab-'n'-go lunch crowd as well as sauced late-night bar crawlers. Uptown Pizza and nearby Dulono's, which relocated to the North Loop in 2017, formed a delightfully divey two-block pizza corridor for decades.

Now, it seems, both Lake Street joints are in Pepperoni Heaven.

But when our cheesy lord closes a pizza door, you better believe He opens a taco window. Ann Kim — the pizza queen behind behind Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola, and Hello Pizza — will soon launch Sooki & Mimi, her Mexican restaurant that's taking over Lucia's longtime Uptown home.