Is this the end for Be'Wiched Deli?

You might be saying goodbye to this sandwich, Minneapolis.

You might be saying goodbye to this sandwich, Minneapolis.

Longtime North Loop nine-to-fivers will recall a time before the neighborhood's booming growth, when nearby lunch options were more or less limited to a burger from Cuzzy's or a Deja Vu hot dog. (Or a... Sex World cupcake?)

There were things around. There just wasn't much. So when Be'Wiched Deli opened 10 years ago, it was a blissful reprieve—a midday meal bright spot at 800 Washington Ave. N. stuffing heavenly pastrami and pulled pork and even noteworthy egg salad between bread. 

Now, though? The North Loop is a more densely packed, pricier place, something deli owner Mike Ryan notes as he explains to Eater Twin Cities that he's had to close Be'Wiched—temporarily, for now, and maybe for good. “We’re just trying to figure out some way to re-open,” he says.

Eater asks if there's some way the sandwich shop could be saved, and Ryan says there might be. For what it's worth, his landlord is working to keep the deli there rather than pushing them out, so maybe there's a chance yet.

But it's unclear exactly what that would look like. Kickstarter? Fundraiser? Sudden donation from a wealthy, mysterious, lunch meat-loving benefactor?

Be'Wiched expanded to Plymouth earlier this year.

Update: Looks like the Plymouth Be'Wiched is done too, according to the Strib's Rick Nelson, and Ryan tells him he's moving on. So, to answer the question posed in this headline: Yes.