Is this the best cookie ever?

The other day, I was at Kopplin's Coffee in St. Paul and decided to pick out something sweet to go with my cappuccino. I was about to go for the standard chocolate chip, courtesy Rustica Bakery, when this homely, bittersweet chocolate one caught my eye.

One bite and it was all over. Seriously, I think this may be the world's greatest living cookie. Here's why:

1. It has a deep cocoa flavor that's not too sweet. 2. And a hint of salt, which gives it a little edge. 3. Though the cookie wasn't hot, it had the textural qualities of fresh-from-the-oven: a crisp edge and crackled surface, and a center that's soft, pliable, and studded with chocolate hunks. 4. I'm a sucker for anything sprinkled with sugar on top.

Within seconds, my friend and I devoured the cookie, then immediately went back to the counter and bought another. And ever since, I've been finding excuses to plan my routes past Rustica. The bittersweet chocolate cookie is the best way to spend a dollar in this city.