Is "The Danger" Up and Running at Betty Danger's Country Club?


Seems "The Danger" is up and running -- at least for some test runs.

Ever since she opened her amped-up northeast Minneapolis country club, Betty Danger has been coy when it comes to doling out details about her eponymous eatery. For someone with so much bling, we're surprised she's such a coquette. But true artistes like to let their masterpieces speak for themselves, and Ms. Danger seems to be no different.

While the Betty Danger's website is still projecting an opening date of April 1 for her "mechanical tree" (Ferris wheel), we spotted a Facebook video with actual humans riding it and taking vids, natch.

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It's possible that this wintry ride was a test run for friends and family, but it gives us mere commoners hope: Maybe our ride on the vertically revolving patio is not far off. One more reason to pine for spring. C'mon, spring!

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