Is Domino's pizza tracker really...necessary?

So I totally didn't realize that Domino's had a "pizza tracker," which lets the customer know when their pie is being preped, baked, boxed, and delivered, within 40 seconds of accuracy.

I found a USA Today story summing up the stances of comments from those who love and loathe this use of technology--I have to say I'm with Mueller and Kardon on this one:

Sadly, there are probably a bunch of people who will be enamored of this, says Christopher Muller, director of the Center for Multi-Unit Restaurant Management at University of Central Florida. "I guess they'll sell a ton of pizzas to people with no social life who are sitting in front of computers."

"It's technology in search of a problem," says Brian Kardon, chief strategy officer at Forrester Research, a technology researcher. "I don't know how many consumers are twisting and turning over the state of their delivery pizza."

Domino's says plenty are. "It's an emotional roller coaster when you order," McGlothlin says. "Customers wonder: Did they get my order? Are they taking care of me? Will it show up?"

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