Is 2010 the year of Baconsgiving?

Tastes great? Or tastes grease?

Tastes great? Or tastes grease?

Thanksgiving seems like a holiday that needs little improvement: It's centered around gorging, there's football on television, and it has no religious associations to bog you down with extra guilt. Yet the folks at J&D Foods still think something is missing, and that something is bacon.


Smoked porcine is rarely the center of anyone's spread, but J&D hopes to change that by offering a holiday pack that includes two bottles of bacon soda from Jones, a packet of bacon gravy, and a bag of bacon cheddar microwave popcorn. Our package arrived in the mail last weekend, so bring on the bacon.

Bacon soda: Out of the entire shipment, this bacon-centered product seemed like the biggest stretch to us. After all, do we really need liquid carbonated bacon? A subsequent taste test left us even more polarized: half wanted to gag solely at the soda's rich, smoky scent, while the other half thought the syrupy beverage was tolerable. Is anyone going to reach for a crisp, ice-cold bacon soda at the end of the day? Probably not. The kitsch factor only takes you so far.

Bacon cheddar popcorn: Maybe we've been drinking too much bacon soda, but bacon cheddar popcorn sort of makes sense. It's salty, it's smoky, and it punches up your basic microwave popcorn in a good way. The odor it emits from your microwave might bring stray dogs to your door, but it almost seems worth it for this crunchy bacon treat.

Bacon gravy: Yes, gravy is meat juice poured over meat. But it still seemed a little strange to us that you'd pour the juice of a disparate meat (bacon) over, say, your Thanksgiving turkey. But J&D's says the only thing they're sorry about is not thinking of the concept sooner (they've even registered to share that sentiment with you) and we think they're right. While we might not soak our Thanksgiving bird in the stuff, it makes for a richly satisfying coating to mashed potatoes and breakfast biscuits. Plus, you just add water to the pre-mixed bacon gravy envelope, which means even the worst post-Thanksgiving hangover won't stop you from a bacon-laded Friday breakfast.

If any or all of these bacon products sound like the key ingredient to your upcoming feast, you can get the aforementioned holiday pack for just $9.99 here.