Iron Fork redux: and the winner is...

In case you missed last week's Iron Fork and 4-Orange Iron Cocktail competitions at International Market Square, we've got the photographic recap for 'ya right here, right down to the presence of the 4-Orange vodka girls prancing around in some sort of orange gingham mini-skirted dirndls.

This year's secret ingredient was potatoes, and competing chefs had one hour to prepare their dishes while chef Seth Bixby Daugherty and BT from Cities 97 narrated the goings on, including grating potatoes, pounding duck, and a perilous moment that involved running out of stove burner gas!

While attendees grazed on snacks from places like Barbette, Sea Salt Eatery, French Meadow, El Burrito Mercado, and Surdyk's, the judges sampled everything from purple potato latkes to lobster curry before declaring Piccolo's Doug Flicker the winner and Grand Cafe's Ben Pichler the runner-up.

Congratulations to all the competitors for turning out some great-tasting, creative eats. And thanks, attendees, for your contributions to Second Harvest Heartland.

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