Ippudo Ramen House coming soon to U of M campus

More ramen cometh: Ippudo Ramen House

More ramen cometh: Ippudo Ramen House

The ramen trend continues, this time on the U of M campus. Ippudo Ramen House (no affiliation with the famous New York City Ippudo) will serve a (very) comprehensive menu of ramen varieties including Tonkotsu (pork bone broth), Shoyu (soy sauce), Shio (salt), Miso (fermented bean paste), Tantanmen (sesame and chile), Karai Miso (spicy with pork belly), Tori Ton (sweet, sour, spicy fried chicken), and even a seafood ramen and vegetarian option. 

Can they possibly do all of these things well? Time will tell. 

And ramen will not be all they do. Kara-age style wings, Kaki Furai oysters, BBQ pork buns, and other small plates will also be on offer. But wait, there's more! Other main dishes will include Udon noodles and rice bowls. 

Prices will be competitive and remain in that student-friendly realm of $4 to $11. Ippudo Ramen House is scheduled to open in about two weeks. 

Ippudo Ramen House

817 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis