Ipotli's spicy dosa: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 16

Dosas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Dosas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Courtesy Ipotli

Nationwide, the Twin Cities are famous for our ingenious skyway system, but only people who have really navigated those above-ground mazes understand that they are also a veritable treasure trove of fantastic cheap eats. We discovered a new favorite this year at Ipotli, a fast-casual Indian restaurant serving breakfast (yup), lunch, and dinner in the top level of the Quebec building at 6th & Marquette.

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For under $6, you can drop by for a nice hot chai and order up one of Ipotli's dosas - fluttery, paper-thin crepes made out of a lentil-based batter and griddled until blistering and golden. Ipotli makes a hearty lentil oatmeal dosa, a rich egg dosa that's perfect for breakfast, and then there's the spicy dosa, the kickiest and most craveable of all. 

Served with plain yogurt to tone down the heat and a salty green cilantro and chile sauce that will stick with you throughout the day, this dosa is essentially two of the lentil crepes fused together by a thin layer of fragrant tomato-based paste. It's great walking food if you're on the go, but this is definitely a dish worth making a little extra time for.

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Ipotli Indian Grill

601 Marquette Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55402



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