Insomnia Cookies delivering late night sweets in Dinkytown

Late night cookies for those late breaks
Late night cookies for those late breaks

For a city of such a substantial size with a thriving restaurant scene, our food delivery options always seemed to be a bit lacking. Though services like Bite Squad, Grub Hub, and Rock-It Bike Delivery have made it possible to get sushi, satay, and sopes right at your door (with minimums and extra delivery fees), they still haven't managed to improve the food-after-midnight situation. Well, if you live in Dinkytown, and you're often hungry in the wee hours (the two usually go hand in hand), a new NYC-based company called Insomnia Cookies is offering one sweet solution to that problem.

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Already a staple in many other college towns, Insomnia has a simple concept: Get warm cookies and cold milk delivered to your door until 3 a.m. You can order online to keep human contact to a minimum and get cookies like chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, Snickerdoodle, and white chocolate macadamia nut, or massive brownies topped with mint, Snickers, or white chocolate. They're available singly, by the dozen, or you can be a hero and order them for your whole dorm. 

The exact store location has not yet been disclosed but will be "within walking distance" of the U of M West Bank campus. Insomnia is also planning to add a location in Mankato near the MSU campus and plans to have both stores open by the start of fall semester.

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