Indeed Brewing's beers now available in stores [VIDEO]

Northeast Minneapolis's Indeed beers coming to you in cans
Northeast Minneapolis's Indeed beers coming to you in cans

Courtesy Indeed Brewing

After opening its Northeast taproom in August and starting distribution of its kegs to some local bars, Indeed Brewing announced it will also start selling six-pack cans of its two flagship beers: Midnight Ryder American black ale and Day Tripper pale ale.

So where can you buy it this weekend, and why cans? Here are more details on the latest market expansion from one of Minneapolis's rising stars in the craft beer galaxy:
Indeed's brewers say the decision to package in lightweight aluminum cans was twofold. First, cans are more portable, more durable, and more compact than glass bottles. So true. A six-pack of cans is much easier to throw in your backpack or bike basket, and they're accepted places that glass is not, like on a Pedal Pub or public swimming areas. Two, aluminum cans are completely light-resistant, so they maintain the integrity, original flavor, and freshness of the beer. Indeed is the only craft brewery in Minnesota that packages its beer in cans exclusively.

Now the beer is all set to buy and bring home, or better yet to a party this weekend. Your Halloween hosts will be so impressed! Currently six-packs are available at Thomas Liquors on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Stinson Wine, Beer, and Spirits on 18th Avenue in northeast Minneapolis, Central Liquors on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis, Zipp's on Franklin in Seward, and the Ale Jail on St. Clair Avenue in St. Paul. Indeed is adding more locations in the coming weeks.

Check out this Mr. Rogers Picture Picture-style video of Indeed's packaging process. It's mesmerizing, but be forewarned that it will make you want to knock off early for a mid-week happy hour.

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