Incredible work, Twin Cities: You saved St. Paul's Eggroll Queen

Thumbs up, for real.

Thumbs up, for real. Eggroll Queen

This place really rules sometimes. 

Last week, we told you about Mai Vang, better known to most as the Eggroll Queen. A farmers market favorite and fixture on St. Paul streets, she's also one of the most charitable folks in town -- there's a section on her website that lets people know how to ask her for help with an upcoming fundraiser, and she's committed to supporting at least four causes a year.

This time around, it was Vang who needed a little assistance. Her food trailer caught fire during a January benefit, and she'd started collecting donations through GoFundMe that would let her hit the road again. 

When we published the Eggroll Queen's story last Wednesday, the campaign had been live for three weeks and raised $2,750. Not bad, given the number of very worthy causes clamoring for attention on crowdfunding sites!

But once you fine folks read about her plight, that figure spiked to $4,351 almost instantly. And after a bit of a signal boost from a few notable locals...

...getting the rest of the way there was no problem at all. Vang officially surpassed her $7,600 goal on Sunday. And the donations are still rolling in.

Vang tells us today that she felt bad asking for help again -- crowdfunding is how she was first able to launch her business few years ago, which is why the campaign isn't even in her name -- but says she's been downright floored by the show of encouragement. She already found a used truck, and as of Sunday has submitted her plan for Department of Health approval. From here on out, she'll use any extra money to trick out Eggroll Queen 2.0 -- new paint job, new sign, maybe even springing for a wrap.

"I want to say thank you to families, friends, and the communities for their prayers, love, contributions, support, shares of the campaign," Vang says. She adds a special shoutout to Will and Amy Cave from another St. Paul food truck -- Grill Works -- for organizing the campaign, as well as David Schultz and Nick Meyers for kicking everything off with their initial donations.

Now, it's just a matter of obtaining that health department approval. If all goes well, she hopes she'll be bringing egg rolls to a street near you once again by April 15. 

Nice work, everyone.