Incredible deal on oysters and wine from Oceanaire

High quality oysters (and wine!) for cheap, at Oceanaire

High quality oysters (and wine!) for cheap, at Oceanaire

Everybody loves cheap oysters, but like trying to cut corners on footwear, coffee, or sheets, it often doesn't pay. You might end up with a blister, a bad night's sleep, or a serious case of bubble guts. Yup, you get what you pay for.

When in search of a great deal on oysters, it's best to turn to the experts. Oceanaire goes through mountains of the things, meaning they'll be fresh, properly handled and full of brine, just the way you want them. Plus, paired with wine! 

Now through December 6, Oceanaire is offering this deal: A dozen "Oceanaire Salts" paired with a bottle of Sugar Reef Sauvignon Blanc, for $35. According to press materials, Oceainaire Salts are "one of Cape Cod’s finest and most flavorful oysters, raised and harvested by an independent, small, boutique oyster grower in the cold, nutrient-rich waters on Southern Cape Cod." 


Oceanaire Seafood Room 

Nicollet Mall, 50 South 6th St, Mpls.