In Season from Don Saunders coming soon

This pan-roasted duck breast is no longer on the menu at 5416 Penn Ave. S., as the former Cafe Maude annex, the Armatage Room, transforms to a new restaurant.

The project, called In Season, marks the return of chef Don Saunders, who several years ago cooked at A Rebours and more recently owned Fugaise on East Hennepin. Fugaise demonstrated the chef's talent in the kitchen, but I always had a major problem feeling comfortable in the windowless, gray-walled, austere dining room (still do since Butcher Block took over). Funny thing is, ambiance is what the cozy Armatage Room had going for it in spades, so I hope that Saunders negotiated with Maude owner Kevin Sheehy to retain some of the furnishings (or at least get his own set of those gorgeous, reclaimed wood tables).

Saunders has said the menu will be mostly American but not necessarily locavore, and will have a more casual, snacking-friendly approach than Fugaise. Plan for a mid-November opening.

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