In quest for Sunday alcohol sales, video asks "Why not Sundays?"


If you're still on the fence about whether Minnesotans should be able to buy alcohol on Sundays, let this simultaneously charming and galling video from the "Why not Sundays?" campaign persuade you: Grown and sexy adults of drinking age should be able to buy booze any and every day of the week. That includes the Sabbath.

The MN Consumers First Alliance released the video to call for an end to the ban on Sunday sales. "Take action," the website reads. "Last year we almost made it. We need you to make it happen in 2016."

The "it" in question is the repeal of the Sunday sales ban, which was historically closest to passing last legislative session. Instead, the legislature skirted around it. They passed some intermediate measures, stopping short of allowing legally eligible drinkers to practice their god-given right of buying and glugging a bottle of wine while watching the Golden Globes. (Sorry, were we supposed to get through that sober?)

And so, in 2015 the sale of growlers at small local breweries was made legal; the so-called Bloody Mary bill allowed for bars and restaurants to start serving alcohol at 8 a.m. on Sunday. 

But that's not far enough, say the proponents of Sunday sales. And by hook or by crook or by sternly worded letter, they will make Sunday Funday available to those of us who don't feel like heading to the bar.