I'll have the Wikipedia, please

Menus around China are popping up with variations of an interesting food item: Wikipedia.

In an interview with the website Mediabistro.com, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales revealed a bizarre food trend cropping up in China: dishes being named "Wikipedia." Images from various diners show a selection ranging from stir-fried Wikipedia with pimientos to barbecued congo eel with Wikipedia and fermented bean curd.

So what gives? Why the Wikidishes? Wales can only speculate.

The best we can figure is that someone is asked to translate the menu into English. They ask, "What's the name of this dish in English?" And someone says, "I don't know, look it up in Wikipedia!" And they just write down: "Wikipedia". But honestly, I have no idea!

Would you be inspired to order a steaming plate of Wikipedia? Or buy a loaf of Wikipedia bread?

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