Ike's debuts Super Bowl menu with $36 chips and guac, gets roasted, maybe deletes its Facebook

They really, uh, guac-ed the boat with this one

They really, uh, guac-ed the boat with this one Flickr: Mark H. Anbinder (mhaithaca)

Ever wanted to drop 40 bones on a plate of chips and guac?

Well folks, Ike's Food & Cocktails has you covered -- and how! -- thanks to a super special Super Bowl menu.

It's been circulating the web since the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal's Dan DeBaun tweeted out this photo on Friday:

We've heard of guacamole costing extra, but this is ridiculous! Are we really looking at a $36 platter of chips and dips? Just how good is that salsa trio?

Elsewhere on the downtown Minneapolis restaurant's Super Bowl menu: four (four!) Super Bowl Sliders for a cool 38 bucks, which, not like we're math wizards, we're pretty sure that comes to $9.50 per pint-sized burg'. A mere pound of dry-rub wings will run you $20. And you'll notice these are all listed under "small plates" -- the Super Bowl Big Plates get even spendier, topping out with a $180 Tomahawk Ribeye.

But the drama doesn't stop there! After relentless badgering this weekend from people who did not, in fact, see the value of this type of price gouging, Ike's issued an apology-slash-clarification. 

We'd link to the apology itself, but here's the thing: Ike's Facebook page is currently down... rendering said apology unviewable except in the above screenshot. (Its Twitter is still up and running.)

Looks like the ceaseless roasting may have gotten the best of whatever poor soul is charged with overseeing social media over there.