IKEA Adds Vegan Swedish Meatballs to the Menu in April

Minnesotans like to think of IKEA as our store, thanks to all that Swedish blue and Scandahoovian chow.

But if the overpowering aroma of cafeteria cuisine disconcerts you as it does us when you're shopping for your GRÖNKULLA, you might be able to breathe a little easier in coming months.

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Like White Castle and Chipotle before them, IKEA is jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon with vegan Swedish Meatballs, hitting stores in April.

Seems the decision to add these meatless wonders to the menu was in no small part spurred on by PETA, whose petition for vegan meatballs garnered over 25,000 signatures.

Vegans were bummed that the company was planning a vegetarian (not vegan) ball.

The standard IKEA Swedish Meatball is made from beef and pork (and scandalously, horse-- which they've since remedied). The store sells about 150 billion of those annually, or about $2 billion in food sales per year, putting them roughly on par with Arby's.

IKEA says its their most carbon-intensive food item.

No word yet on the recipe details. If you decide to drown them in gravy we won't tell.

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