'If y'all close Rainforest Cafe we're fighting': One of MOA's last original restaurants to shutter

Ta-ta, Tucci. Thanks for all the carbs.

Ta-ta, Tucci. Thanks for all the carbs. Facebook: Tucci Benucch

The year was 1992, a (somewhat) simpler time.

A delightful, saxophone-playing goofball was elected to the White House, years before any sexual scandals would blight his resume. Cartoon Network made its cable debut. George H.W. Bush barfed on the prime minister of Japan. And on August 11, in quiet Bloomington, Minnesota, the country's biggest mall -- spanning a whopping 78 acres -- opened its doors.

The mall now covers more than 94 acres, boasting 500-plus retailers and restaurants. Of those, almost 50 have been around since day one. 

But as the ever-growing shopping center ages, it houses an ever-shrinking number of those original tenants. The latest OG establishment to depart, it seems, is the Italian comfort food eatery Tucci Benucch, which will end its 25-year tenure on February 4. Its adjacent creperie, Magic Pan Crepe Stand, is hitting the road as well.

“There have been a lot of tears,” manager Erin Weeks told the Star Tribune. “Everybody loves it here.” Tucci and Magic Pan staffers -- more than 80 of them -- will be able to take on roles at other eateries owned by their parent company, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, according to the Strib.

Employees aren't the only ones saddened by the news, which prompted lots of bummed out reactions on Twitter thanks to the fact that its big ol' pasta plates, wings, and "patio" happy hours made trips to the Mall of America "almost bearable." But hey, at least you have a few months left to say your goodbyes?

We'll leave you with our favorite reaction, from prolific Twitter user and one-time CP "Best Tweeter" honoree Gigi Berry: