I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 8


Every time I go to the liquor store to buy alcohol this blog, somebody is buying Steel Reserve tall boys to get them through the day, especially if I go at around 8:30 in the morning on my way to work. The high gravity beer brings 8.1 percent alcohol and attractive flashy packaging into a teeny tiny price. And to make it even better, the Ramones cannibalized their songs into jingles for Steel Reserve radio ads. Any beer that's good enough for the Ramones is good enough for us. Check out the ads below.

Jessica Armbruster: It smells like miller and canned peas. Ward Rubrecht: Ohhh boy. I don't think I like this. Nate Patrin: Whoa... I think if I had a single purpose of getting fucked up, this would be it. JA: This doesn't taste so high in alcohol. You can usually taste the extra alcohol.

Ben Palosaari: I don't think this tastes very good.

JA: Not good, not bad.

WR: If somebody handed this to me at the party, I would drink it.

NP: If somebody haded this to me at a party, I would barricade myself so I wouldn't make an ass of myself.

JA: you're very melodramatic.

NP: It tastes like anger.

Ja: No. It taste like sweet beer!

NP: I like that this is a union-made beer to distract us from the fact that economy is going down the toilet. And it's affordable!

BP: The packaging brilliant.

NP: Somebody is a font geek.

WR: It's got the iron-blood taste of German beer.

WR: Why can't music be like beer?

BP: The philosopher speaketh.

WR: Well, I've never had a beer that I couldn't finish. But I've had many albums I've not finished.

JA: I've had many beers I couldn't finish.

WR: Because you were drunk.

JA: I looooove champagne. It's my favorite beverage ever.

BP: On Wikipedia it said the slogan was 'each sip tastes better than the last.' But I couldn't find that online anywhere else so I think it was made up.

JA: I read one for Cisco that was : It takes you by surprise.

WR: Just like a marauding bum.

Np: Cisco me.

JA pours Cisco. Nate drinks.

NP: It tastes more weird than bad.

JA: Armbruster means 'Steel Warrior' and my dad's a metallurgist.

Steel Reserve comes in 12-packs, tall boys, and 40s. Our 12-pack cost $6.99.

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