I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 20


Bols, according to it corporate Web site, is the oldest Dutch company still kicking. Founded in 1575, focuses its efforts on making a rainbow of colored liqueurs and hard liquors in bowling pin-shaped, ribbed bottles. All of the mixed drinks I could find that call for blackberry brandy require a lot of stuff we don't have. So, I guess we're drinking it straight.

Bryan Miller: The trick is to not smell while drinking it. Nate Patrin: No, the trick is to not taste while you drink it. Ben Palosaari: Did anybody else's esophagus shiver as it went down? Jessica Armbruster: Mixed with apple cider, it tastes like candy. Emily Kaiser: It tastes like burning cough syrup. Bridgette Reinsmoen: I can choke this down better than that awful Phillips rum a few weeks back. Ward Rubrecht: When you drink it with a cough drop, it's not that bad. JA: This is third worst we've had. The rum and Thunderbird were far worse.

BP: With diet Mountain Dew, it's actually much, much better. It tastes kinda like sparkling cider.

Kevin Hoffman: Oh, that's horrible.

JA: Choose your Bols carefully.


NP: This makes me reconsider putting 'Bols' in my mouth.

Mike Kooiman: That's just like Dimetapp. But I have to say, with one gulp, it wiped away my hangover and work-related rage.

Our liter-bottle of Bols blackberry brandy cost $9.