I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 13

Well, it's been a tough and patriotic week here at CP. Some of us were roughed up by police. Others were maced. Some dodged concussion grenades. A few might have even been inspired by the American spirit on display at the RNC. Either way, we're doing an abbreviated version of ICBINPT this week, with the Canadian whiskey Grande Canadian. Don't worry, it's imported and bottled in Kentucky, so that makes it part American. This week needs to end already.

I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 13

Mike Kooiman: What? Do you want a taste of sharpie in your drink?

Jessica Armbruster:

This tasts like college...


I think it just smells like freshmen.

Ben Palosaari:

Try this.

(Hands JA whiskey mixed with diet Mountain Dew.)JA:

That's not bad. I would totally drink this.

Jeff Shaw:

I want Andy Manix to have it to compare to the mace he got last night.

Nate Patrin: We'd have to throw it in his eyes.

MK: This is 36 months old.

NP: But is that cask-aged or did they just throw it in an oil drum?

BP: Oil drum. But they cleaned it out first.

JA: Look at my Howie Mandel Purell.

BP: He's a germaphobe in real life.

Our 'litre' of Grande Canadian cost $8.99.

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