I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 10

Popov vodka shares the same sob story other bottom-shelf drinks we've samples: A mega-corporation owns a bunch of classy, world-famous brands that the companies are more than happy to claim as their own. Meanwhile, the cheap stuff is neglected profitable dynamo that keeps the whole company afloat. That stuff doesn't even get its own Web site, or even a mention on their corporate master's site. Popov is one of these beverage industry's orphans.

Owned by Diageo, the same company that boasts about brands such as Guinness, Crown Royal and Tanqueray, also owns the lovable scamp Popov. It's so lovable, the store I bought it from was proudly declaring that they were selling it below cost. That's an endorsement nobody could pass up. Here we go.

I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner Vol. 10

Nate Patrin:

It tastes like sucking an Oxy pad

Jessica Armbruster:

I already feel it in my brain... Mike Kooiman: I normally drink vodka shots, but that's beyond anything I would ever drink.


that is the worst screwdriver I've ever had.

Ward Rubrecht:

This screwed up a Red Bull and vodka.


Can you imagine ordering this in a bar. 'I'd like a Popov martini...'


It's gulag vodka.

MK: I'm pretty sure this should have a Mr. Yuck sticker on it.

Johnathan Kaminski: Delicious... I mean it's vodka... And it's really cold. If you chill your vodka, it's all just vodka. NP (adds Red Bull and Coke to his screwdriver.): Actually it's a little better this way. It tastes a bit less like medical supplies.

WR: I feel way drunker than I should because I've only had a little bit.

(JA puts on 3D glasses and looks at gay porn book.)

JK returns for more.

JA: Johnathan is drinking it straight!

Ben Palosaari: Do you hate yourself that much?

JA continues to wear 3D glasses for no reason.

WR: It's good enough to drink, but not good enough to like. I guess it's the perfect drink to get drunk on.

JA: You can drink like a glass of wine if you baby has hiccups. It calms it down.

BP: Because it passes out.

JA: In Europe it's not even that bad to drink while you're pregnant. Not drunk though.

WR: I'm officially not sober. I'm a lightweight. Shut up. Don't judge me.

JK steps away from writing in his office and comes back for more MK: Somebody has writer's block! JK: Here's the thing, this is the first time you've hard liquor and.... I'm just saying, it makes a difference.

The 40-proof Popov we drank came in a 1 liter bottle and cost $6.99.

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