I Can't Believe It's Not Paint Thinner: Christian Brothers Cream Sherry


Like champagne, sherry refers to the region of production, or at least it did many years ago. Originally a fortified wine from Jerez, Spain, "sherry" is actually a bastardization of the town’s name. But rest assured, we will not be drinking the "champagne of sherry" today.

Christian Brothers are a company specializing in wines and brandies since 1882. It makes sense then that they would venture into sherry production as well since sherry is fortified with brandy after fermentation.

Tonight, we will be sampling Christian Brothers Cream Sherry, a sweet sherry with caramel undertones. We do have concern though: there’s a date on the bottom of the bottle marked 06.05.08. Is it an expiration date? A "bottled" on date? Either way, this is a dessert sherry, so we will be having it with candy corn and Archway Soft Pumpkin Spice cookies.

Ben Palosaari: Whew. There’s definitely a corn syrup after taste.

Jessica Armbruster: It’s almost syrupy.

Mike Kooiman: It’s a good thing you have these treats here because I feel like I need a palate cleanser.


BP: Sherry sounds like it should be sophisticated. Frasier Krane drinks it.

Matt Snyders: These cookies go so well with the sherry!

Jessica Armbruster: Yeah, it’s pretty classy in here right now.

BP: I don’t like it.

Ward Rubrecht: It’s good!

JA: It’s not bad when it’s in your mouth, but the aftertaste is awful.

MS: It tastes better with ice, try it. (pause) Those crumbs are from the cookie, not from my mouth.

JA: It does better better with ice. I will give it that. Well, we have all sampled what might be expired sherry. Now, we wait to die.