How to dominate eggnog, classic and with a twist [RECIPE]

Joy Summers


Twas the day before Christmas and all through the city, the decorations were lit, everything was so pretty. The presents were wrapped with (varying degrees of) care and the table was set for a feast we would share. The roads, they were frightful -- the highways a mess -- it's a wonder we didn't collapse from the stress. So, we lit up the fire, chucked in the yule log, and headed for the kitchen to make some eggnog.

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Although our friend Shawn Jones is furiously working to ready Borough and Parlour's forthcoming Uptown hot spot, Coup D'état, he was still thinking of us for Christmas.  Yesterday he reached out asking, "Would you like an eggnog recipe?" It seemed like the next best thing to hiding out in his cozy subterranean bar for the entire holiday season, so we jumped at the offer.

Unlike most of the craft cocktail recipes we've covered with Mr. Jones, there is very little technique or snobbery to this eggnog. To spice up the classic version, he suggests spiking it with, "1/8 oz. of something like St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram or Toschi Nocello or even Kahlua would probably be okay." (We like ours with a little Macallan Amber, a maple pecan Scotch whisky. There's no wrong answer here.)

Classic Eggnog
2 ½ oz bourbon 
¾ oz half and half
1 oz simple syrup, 1:1
¼ tsp real vanilla extract
1 whole egg (pasteurized)

Combine all ingredients except eggs in a pitcher and chill. Add eggs and blend until frothy in blender. Garnish with nutmeg and serve frequently. 

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