How to cook squirrel


You've gotta love a Times piece that begins with, "Step one: shoot or thaw squirrel."

Apparently the Brits are quite game for eating squirrel these days: it's showing up on tv cooking shows, cookbooks, restaurants, and farmers markets all over the country. The surge began a couple of years ago when a campaign was launched to save Britain's red squirrels by culling interloping North American gray squirrels. (The "Save a red, eat a gray!" moto is credited with helping create a market for squirrel meat.)

In the U.S., I think of squirrel meat as being a dish of southern or eastern regions, though I do have a friend who was forced to slingshot a few up in the BWCA after several days of unsuccesful fishing. Has anyone ever tried squirrel? Is it anything like guinea pig?