How Stuff Works breaks down top 10 fast food ingredients


Just when you think you've gotten enough distance from the latest "Fast Food Nation" or "Super Size Me" terror to have an Egg McMuffin in memory loss-induced peace -- * slam * -- there's some new exposé on the parts per million of rat feces contained in the average canned good or a news special detailing how many different cows might potentially be ground up into the hamburger meat you just bought, and you're back to limp, horrified Square One, huddled over the stove with your millet. Are you ready for the latest dose of reality? (Thanks a lot, Consumerist.)

How Stuff Works walks us through the "Top 10 Most Common Ingredients in Fast Food," and guess what, only one of them is what could likely be identified by your average Jaywalking contestant as actual food. Soybean oil and salt may be arguable, but the only legitimate, real, food in the top ten is chicken. Not even our abiding love for french fries allowed potatoes to break in to the top. Xanthan gum, anyone? Diglycerides? By the way, if you don't already know, How Stuff Works is a pretty cool site in general, with lots of useful information side-by-side with zany, unlikely stuff. Oh, and plenty of tame stuff too for those days you need to live in a bubble.