How much do you think this Insta-famous St. Paul gold-leaf latte costs?

All that glitters is gold and caffeinated.

All that glitters is gold and caffeinated. Lamar Roberts

The latte is all over Instagram, often captioned with an admission that its drinker is being #extra -- or even, sometimes, #extra #af.

It also appears in an awful lot of posts referencing the Bruno Mars album 24K Magic, and at least a few folks have highlighted the beverage with fitting Lorde lyrics.

Yes, the “24k Latte” at Cafe Astoria in St. Paul is the must-post Minneapolis-St. Paul Foodstagram of the moment. Technically tucked away on the cafe's "secret" menu, it's one of the worst-kept, most-hashtagged secrets in town. And it sure is pretty:


Nothing says Fall Staycation like an extravagant coffee #24klatte #tooprettytodrink

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LEGIT GOLD in my latte woahh ����

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It's also not that pricey! Just seven bucks -- $7.53 with tax. And that has the good 'grammers of the Twin Cities going out of their way to sample (and share a photo of) one. 

"It had been on my list of places to try for months after seeing so many fellow foodies post pictures on Instagram, and I finally made the trip over to St. Paul to try things myself," says Lamar Roberts, who sipped his first glittering drink at Astoria last month.

"I did go specifically for the latte, because of the gold flakes ... it was really popular on Instagram, and it made me want to try it out even more," adds blogger Amy X.

Was it worth it?

"Definitely," Roberts says -- though he admits there's a certain circus quality surrounding the experience. ("I spent maybe 10 minutes just taking photos and admiring the drink before even tasting it.")

"We have all kinds of reactions -- people have asked what they're supposed to do with it," laughs Cafe Astoria co-owner John Occhiato. Since his partner Leah Raymundo dreamed up the drink earlier this year, people have stuck the edible gold leaf to phone cases or pressed it on their nails for a makeshift manicure.

But it's not just a drink-it-once-for-the-'gram thing. Jordan Koch has gone back for the matcha gold-leaf latte twice; Sherri Horn Bergene says she's ordered and photographed the bougie beverage on four separate occasions. "Each time as I walked through the door I vowed to order something different, but it's jut too pretty and unique," Bergene says. And the price tag is NBD, says Koch, given that the latte is both large and "super good."

"I was skeptical too," adds Katelyn Linton, "but I would say it's definitely worth it to get it at least once to say you did it." 

The only problem -- if you can call in that -- is that you might walk away with gold flakes stuck in your teeth.