How many Peeps can the Pi Press pick

How many Peeps can the Pi Press pick


Thanks to a heads-up from a devoted Hot Dish reader, we happily bring to you the 302 "approved" submissions -- meaning there were originally actually more than 302, Jesus God -- to the Pi Press's "Peeps Diorama Contest."

Hot Dish wrote about the Washington Post's diorama contest a few weeks ago, but it looks like in sheer Peeps passion, we may done got the Post beat. Great job, peeps!

Hands down the topic most visited was some variation on "Octopeeps" (yikes). There's quite a few great Minnesota-centric ones though too. There's a few takes on the RNC ("Peeps March on the RNC," "Repeeplican National Convention"). There's a couple that riff on the U.S. Senate trial, one (#173) with distinctly identifiable Norm Coleman and Al Franken peeps.

There's also a good one of "Peep Bunyan and Babe the Blue Peep" (#118) -- check out how Babe was made -- and even one with a Peep giving birth called "The Miracle of Peeps" inspired by the "Miracle of Life" barn at the state fair.

I think my fave is #261, called "Busted" an interpretation of the cherry-less Spoonbridge at the Walker.

Winners will be announced in the paper on Easter Sunday, April 12. And yes, I looked through them all. It kind of took forever.

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