Hot property alert: South Minneapolis’s historic White Castle is available to rent

“You know it's what you crave,” the Craiglist announcement teases. 

Yes, those craving a unique storefront, co-work space, or artists’ studio can satisfy that urge, as the White Castle on 33rd and Lyndale will soon become available to rent.

This majestic, prefabricated White Castle was built in 1936 to introduce the Twin Cities to 5-cent sliders. Its first location was on Washington Avenue in the Stadium Village neighborhood. Then, in 1950, the building jumped over to 329 Central Ave. SE., where it shilled its onion-y goodness for over 30 years. But in 1983, White Castle opened a shinier, newer, and larger White Castle down the street, making the original one obsolete.

That’s when it scored its historic designation and moved to 3252 Lyndale Ave. S. These days it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the few prefab porcelain White Castles left.

For years, the space was occupied by owner Randy McPeck, an accordion enthusiast/collector who would repair them and teach lessons at the shop. The current tenant, Xcentric Goods, has resided in the space for years now, selling antiques, oddities, and long-forgotten tchotchkes. 

The specs of this White Castle are pretty intriguing. According to the ad, the 1,700-square-foot space boasts a bathroom with a shower, a utility room with a giant sink, central A/C (!!!), a parking lot, and two stories of space.

The building is on a C-1 zoned lot, although White Castle put a restrictive covenant on the property, which means no food-related businesses can open in the space. It could, however, make a super sweet boutique or gallery place (with slider-themed art?).

You can find the listing here. The space becomes available on October 1 (Haunted Basement -- are you looking for new digs?).