Hot dogs cancer-causing says veggie doctor group


Hot dogs have officially entered the fray as potentially cancer-causing. A Washington, D.C. cancer nonprofit has sued Oscar Mayer, Hebrew National, Nathan's Famous, and other hot dog manufacturers alleging that they willfully withhold information about their products' cancer-causing properties from consumers.

The group compares the companies' alleged negligence as akin to that of tobacco companies before they began disclosing the risks of smoking. The LA Times says the lawsuit states, "This situation is similar to the link between the smoking of tobacco products and lung cancer: While all the molecular events linking the smoking of tobacco to the development of lung cancer are not known, the link cannot be disputed."

The article quotes the president of the Cancer Project, the group that filed the class action suit on behalf of New Jersey residents:

"Just as tobacco causes lung cancer, processed meats are linked to colon cancer. Companies that sell hot dogs are well aware of the danger, and their customers deserve the same information."

The lawsuit wants the companies to add warning labels to its products warning of the risks of the risks. Meanwhile, we're left with what, millet and whey as the things we can eat with comfort and health-risk-free abandon?