Hot Dish Revolution! winners, celebrants and dishes

Saturday's Seventh Annual Hotdish Revolution! at the Grace Center saw a number of fine warm casseroles and Jell-O creations compete for ribbons, bragging rights and true NE works of art. The event was organized by the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA) and included the Jolly Groggers band, beer and wine, raffle items, and tons of families. .

All that is well and good, but we know you really want the food porn. So here you go...

HNIA president Ginny Sutton ran a fun event that had about 20 dishes being taste-tested by local luminaries such as Craig Pederson, pastor from the Northeast Community Lutheran Church, Brittany Fortin, a Miss Northeast Ambassador, and Mark Fox from the local Lions chapter. As the judges nibbled, a crowd waited patiently in the next room, listening to Cajun tunes, checking out raffle prizes, and buying coveted Hotdish Revolution! tees.

But by 5-ish, their wishes were answered and a line formed as the consumption began. 

Lining up for hot dish
Lining up for hot dish

The attendees queued for the cheese-covered, potato and noodle melanges.

A caliente entry
A caliente entry

And ultimately winners were named and prizes were handed out, but only after all the 11" x 13" pans had been tasted.
A full plate of hotdish love
A full plate of hotdish love

Here are the winners and their prizes. For the record, we loved the Barbie's Jell-O Fantasy.

Quintessential - Pam Noone, Audubon/decorative tile by Marko Fields
Vegetarian - Chris Pratt, Windom Park/decorative bowl by Sue Christiansen
"I Made it Myself" - Roselynn Moore, Windom Park/polymer clay wall hanging by Layl McDill
Spicy - Julia Schultz, Holland/baking dish by Bob Sorg of 212 pottery
Jello Showcase - Joanne Peters, Holland/fused glass tray by Malcom Potek
People's Choice - Rachel Collins and Ann Schertl/custom tile by Josh LeBlanc & pottery bowl by Cesar Navarrete Ortiz

Hot Dish's pick of the day...
Hot Dish's pick of the day...

In closing, here's a close-up of Ken to usher out Hotdish Revolution 2011. The only bummer was the lack of Tater Tot-based entries, but hopefully next year there will be more.

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