Home & Garden Show features foodie fare

While conventions and exhibitor shows and their ilk can be tough to stomach, with their mazes of cubicles and endless horizon of lame mini-freebies, they can also be a sweet cache for certain types of people, for example, those comfortable sifting through rummage sale schlock for that rare charm.

Case in point: this week's Food & Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Eyes glazing over? Ok, mine too, but hang with me here for a second. Wade through the C- and D-list celebrity appearances and corporate hackage and you'll find some things that might just might be worth your time.

For example, Twin Cities indie kitchen retailer fave Kitchen Window will be demo-ing grilling gadgets galore (oh and dishing samples too). Ever heard of a Big Green Egg? Me neither, but they will be roasting turkey on it. There will also be an outdoor pizza oven on hand.

It could be a good way to get revved into spring and summer eats mode.

On the more eco side of things, the cool folks from Eureka Recyling will be teaching people how to compost every day and others will be on hand for various instructions in home gardening. On board with that!

This potential little slice of insiderdom isn't all that expensive either ($9 online/$12 at the door). The show will be going on tomorrow through Sunday.