Holy Land CEO fired his daughter for racism. Then the Hitler tweets surfaced.

Majdi Wadi, center, Lianne Wadi, right

Majdi Wadi, center, Lianne Wadi, right Instagram: @holylandmn

Holy Land CEO Majdi Wadi's apology begins like so many others. 

"It has come to our attention that a team member of the Holy Land posted racial slurs onto social media prior to beginning employment with us," Wadi wrote on Holy Land's Facebook Thursday morning. "We were not aware of these posts."

The message continues in this (unfortunately all too familiar) way: they don't tolerate this behavior, it goes against their beliefs, their mission is to promote diversity and equality for all.

Then the second paragraph hits with a plot twist for the ages:

"As the current CEO of Holy Land, I regret to inform my valued customers that the specific team member is my own daughter." That would be Lianne Wadi, Holy Land's catering director, whose now-deleted Instagram post can still be seen on Reddit.

Lianne posted an apology on Instagram in the early hours of Thursday morning, thanking those who brought it to her attention and adding that she's "deeply mortified and disgusted" by those comments. 

"I was a teenager at the time (although my youth is not an excuse) and wasn’t educated on how the words I chose would affect and offend others, including myself ... I have challenged myself to unlearn the behavior that society led me to believe was okay," she wrote.

Majdi said he doesn't believe the post is an accurate reflection of who his daughter is now, and said they're using this moment to implement additional training and education on cultural awareness for employees. 

[UPDATE: Thursday afternoon, Midtown Global Market announced it was terminating Holy Land's shop there, effective immediately, adding Lianne's words "do NOT in any way reflect those of the Midtown Global Market."]

That would appear to be the end of it. Except it's not just the one Instagram post. 

People have also unearthed tweets appearing to belong to Lianne (the account, @LianneWadi, has been deleted) that sure make it look like she has expressed hatred for everyone who is: Black, Jewish, gay, or fat. The account was also pro-Hitler. 

"Anything involving the n****r we call our president (;" one tweet reads

Another: "My dad& workers: at least were not n*****s #classic."

She also appears to have retweeted a fake Hitler account, resharing comments like "Holy shit. I just realized. Blacks are just as bad as Jews #GasEmAll" and "Top 3 races you wish to eliminate. Ready, go! Jews, blacks, and the fats."

"Not only as a CEO, but as a father, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure my family and Holy Land team members all demonstrate high integrity and moral compass guidelines," Majdi Wadi wrote on Facebook. "We will now work, harder than before, to better ourselves through education, volunteering, and open conversation and forums with all our community to ensure we leave a positive impact."

It's unclear at this time how those plans can be carried out by a guy whose daughter has taken his -- and his family's -- overt racism to Twitter.