Holiday time means...Chex Mix?

Holiday time means...Chex Mix?

We'd assume that sales of snow chains and fans change with the seasons, but Chex? According to a recent NYT piece, about half of General Mills-owned Chex annual sales occur in the final three months of the year. The toasted cereal snack, it seems, is as deeply embedded it holiday culture as snowflakes and candy canes, so get out yer worcestershire sauce and seasoned salt.

The Chex Mix recipe was first published on Chex boxes 1953, and it's helped Chex move beyond it's standard "useage occasion," marketing-speak to refer to cereal breakfasts eaten alone at home. (BTW, where did Strawberry Chex and Chocolate Chex come from?) Chex's web site has all sorts of Chex recipes, even a knock-off of Rice Krispies Treats that combines crushed Rice Chex with marshmallows. The company recently announced the winner of its Best Chex Party Mix contest: Monica Flatford, of Knoxville Tenn.'s Buffalo Chex Mix made with hot sauce and powdered ranch dressing mix--not as meaty as the chicken wing version, but substantially less messy.

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