Hola Arepa, World Street Kitchen are among food trucks hitting the streets

They continue to emerge from their wintry slumbers, these motorized beasts of street cuisine. This week saw the return of a few fan favorites and the promise of more to come.

World Street Kitchen has returned, Sameh Wadi rolled out his truck for the first time Thursday. The line for the Yum Yum bowl was long and enthusiastic, with at least a couple of lucky lunchers actually racing to get there first.

Hola Arepa also returned today with a new menu board and a couple of new items.

Plenty of sweet potatoes were on the roaster. The vegetarian arepa had them, adding a little extra flavor to the black beans. A meat option featuring slow-roasted pork and sweet potatoes quickly sold out. That arepa served with a ginger lemonade was perfect food alchemy.

The Chef Shack truck poked its little grill out at Harriet Brewing last weekend, but it won't be making its full return till May. (Speaking of sweet potatoes, oh how we have missed those hearty, vegetarian sweet potato tacos.)

We've also heard that the Dandelion Kitchen kids have returned from their world travels. They join other downtown Minneapolis trucks already out, such as the Smack Shack, Twister Sister House of Hunger, Barrio, Golden Tummy, Get Sauced, Simply Steve's, Turkey to Go, Vellee Deli (which just made its debut as well) and NateDogs. There seems to be more every day. Be sure to check out our Food Truck Map to see where your favorite street eats are.

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Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408


World Street Kitchen

5th St. S. & Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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