Hola Arepa owners buy former Double Deuce strip club space


For generations, the Double Deuce in northeast Minneapolis served up cheap, strong cocktails.

A back room, for those in the mood, brought the bonus of bare breasts. That institution east of the Mississippi River on University Avenue eventually closed its doors. But there's a reincarnation of the 8,200-square-foot commercial space in the works. 

Christina Nguyen and Birk Grudem, owners of the much-ballyhooed South American eatery Hola Arepa on Nicollet Avenue, have purchased the property. According to Finance & Commerce, Hola Jefe, LLC, Nguyen and Grudem's business listing, is behind the recent purchase of the former strip club site for $575,000. The move fuels excited speculation that Hola Arepa might open a second location.

It would be another glorious chapter to an already feel-good story.

The couple launched Hola Arepa as a food truck in 2011. Word of their griddled corncakes spread like wildfire, and lines dozens deep were soon the norm.

Nguyen and Grudem parlayed that success into a 115-seat brick-and-mortar location in south Minneapolis less than three years ago. The food truck, since retired except for catering gigs, is usually parked outside the restaurant in its Nicollet Avenue parking lot, where it's often joined by equally long lines of Arepa patrons waiting to get in.

The couple was not available for comment Tuesday morning.