Hola Arepa is closing for renovations

Adios, Hola... for a week.

Adios, Hola... for a week. Alma Guzman

If you got as far as "Hola Arepa is closing" before blacking out from sheer terror, relax

Your favorite food-truck-turned-permanent-Nicollet-oasis isn't going anywhere. In fact, after five years in their brick-and-mortar building, they're doubling down on and renovating the colorful south Minneapolis address. 

"When we opened the restaurant, we did it on the fly, with limited space & had to be pretty scrappy like many other restaurants without investors," the Hola team explained in a Wednesday night Facebook post.

They promise that "Hola as you know it will not be changing drastically," but the remodel will leave the talented crew with more kitchen space, a new walk-in cooler, a new tap system, a fresh paint job, "and a few shiny new things so we can put our best foot forward for you in 2019."

They're also teasing an updated food and drink menu.

"Please come in this week and get your Hola fix before the long week that we’ll be closed," the team writes. "Enjoy your favorite current food & drink menu items since many small plates, salads & cocktails will be changed out for new favorites when we reopen."

The restaurant will close after brunch this Sunday, March 17, so get those final trips to Hola as you know it in soon. You'll have to find ways to escape winter's icy clutches without a boozy slushie and griddled corn cake until Hola reopens Tuesday, March 26 at 3 p.m.