Hip-hop pop-up in north Minneapolis promises good eats and good music

Get that first bite of Thanksgiving at the upcoming hip-hop pop-up in north Minneapolis.

Get that first bite of Thanksgiving at the upcoming hip-hop pop-up in north Minneapolis. Gerard Klass

Gerard Klass can’t understand why there isn’t a full-service restaurant in north Minneapolis.

He lived in the area all through his culinary school education, and wanted to give back by going to work there. But he hasn’t been able to find a good place to apply his skill set. So instead, he’s throwing a pop-up, dubbed "Klassics Pop-Up Experience."

Klass (or "Chef Klassico") is currently employed as the regional chef for Kaskaid Hospitality (Crave, Union, Burger Burger, et. al.). But he describes his own culinary stylings as “classic dishes with an urban twist.” And, he says, don’t call it soul food. Call it hip-hop.

“Hip-hop looks as good as it sounds,” and he says his food has to look as good as it tastes.

Menu peeks include the “good burger,” a meatloaf burger with beer cheese sauce, and the “gravy train,” which he describes as “the first bite of Thanksgiving” with apple-sausage-stuffed chicken wings and smoked maple syrup. Vegetarian and pork-free options will also be available.

The Klassics Pop-Up will take place at Breaking Bread, which does not have a liquor license, but Klass and team will be serving some housemade n/a beverages, including blueberry lavender lemonade inspired by Beyonce. It's called  "I ain’t sorry.” Could we love this pop-up any more?

While Klass would like to someday open his own full-service spot in North, he’s also keen to work with some of the existing organizations in the area, including Breaking Bread and Appetite for Change, an organization that seeks to spread change throughout north Minneapolis via good eating.

The Klassics pop-up is on Sunday, October 16 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $35 for the multi-course dinner plus excellent hip-hop and soul music provided by DJ Miss Brit. 

1210 W. Broadway Ave., Minneapolis 
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