Highly anticipated restaurants now open or coming soon (plus one closing)

J Selby's has a hot not-beef sandwich for you. Head in and get it, because they've re-opened now.

J Selby's has a hot not-beef sandwich for you. Head in and get it, because they've re-opened now. Facebook

Vegan eaters can jump back in line, sushi is getting more fabulous, and now there’s more leg room for Colossal Cafe fans.

Here’s what’s now open, coming soon, and shuttering now.

J Selby’s is open again
Who could have anticipated the dining public’s lust for an all plant-based restaurant?

J Selby’s, where no animal product is used in any of the cooking, opened briefly and then had to shutter its doors because business turnout was roughly four to five times what they were prepared to deal with.

So they shut down in order to regroup and prepare for the enormous crowds. Now it looks like they’re ready to go again.

Hours are re-posted on the door, and they’re back to serving “BBQ Beaf,” beet burgers, not-dogs, and lots of other meat and dairy-free delights.

J. Selby's
169 N. Victoria St., St. Paul

A bigger space for Colossal Cafe
The once-tiny south Minneapolis cafe cheekily dubbed “Colossal” outgrew itself and moved from its original location at 1839 E. 42nd St. to the old Pilgrimage Cafe space, about 20 blocks east. They’ll still be serving their well-known, much-loved daytime menu, from yeasty “flapper” pancakes to breakfast sammies, to big turkey sandwiches and great soups.

Now open.
2403 E. 38th St., Minneapolis

Two other St. Paul locations, as well.


Kado no Mise, an ante-upping sushi spot for the North Loop
A “kaiseki” is a haute, multi-course Japanese dinner, focused strictly on seasonality and the very best product.

The one being planned for the North Loop, Kaiseki Furukawa, in the old Origami space is not open yet, but its more casual downstairs sister spot is. More casual though it may be, the focus is on impeccably sourced and prepared seafood and traditional Japanese ingredients. And even more casual still, a designed to be quick and affordable “Temari" lunch will be served, reports Stephanie March of Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine.

Think little balls (the word translates to “hand balls”) of sushi that you can easily pick up and eat like a sandwich. Seven balls plus soup or sandwich goes for about $16.

So, even if you’re on the move, or on a budget, you can get some fine sushi.

The upstairs restaurant is due to open within the next month.

33 N. First. Ave., Minneapolis

A Haskell’s wine bar for Nicollet Mall 
Long one of the most trusted names in wine, Haskell’s will soon get a wine and cheese bar on Nicollet Mall in the old Dunn Bros. coffee shop space.

The intimate space (under 1,500 square feet) will also serve a handful of beers and “light bites” like soups, salads, and sandwiches.

No word on an exact opening date, but watch for it as the Nicollet Mall construction zone gets put back together again.

300 Nicollet Mall

Eat on the Avenue 
You already know food truck season is very nearly in full swing, but did you know north Minneapolis’ West Broadway Avenue will host a food truck rally every Thursday afternoon throughout the summer?

Head over weekly to West Broadway, between Bryant and Emerson Avenues, all summer long beginning on May 11.

The first lineup includes Top Dog, Full Belly Happy Heart, Wha' Jamaican, Sho’ Nough BBQ, Sandy's Grill, and Harold’s Chicken.

Also take it as an opportunity to pop into the excellent Breaking Bread, or Sammy’s Avenue Deli.

Starting May 11, every Thursday throughout the summer
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
West Broadway between Bryant and Emerson Avenues.

A cookie dough food truck
One of the more disturbing recent national food trends involves pasteurized (so, safe to eat raw) cookie dough blobbed on a cone and served like ice cream. Take it or leave it, you know we’re getting our own crack at this, Minneapolis, and soon.

The people who bring us the O’Cheeze grilled cheese truck are adding Dough Dough to the fleet, beginning with seven flavors of dough.

Watch their Twitter feed for where and when to find Dough Dough, probably starting around the middle of the month.

Hennepin Steam Room, we hardly knew ye
After only two months in business, the place that was billing itself as an adult live music venue with a full-service restaurant is already closed.

I stopped in one night and found a completely empty dining room, a strangely disjointed menu, and overpriced everything. I decided to let them get their sea legs before writing anything, but it seems that day will never come.

They’ve already closed their doors, due to “irreconcilable differences” between owners, reports the Downtown Journal.

116 N. First Ave, Minneapolis